Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ear Worm

You know that song that gets stuck in your head when a stranger walks by humming a tune or you see something that starts the internal jukebox playing - that's an ear worm.  Riding along The Bay of Fundy this morning with its "Worlds Highest Tides", this is the ear worm that was my soundtrack for the day.

It did start to feel like the opening of Apocalypse Now over the last few days.  To paraphrase Willard "Moncton... We're still only in Moncton." as what was supposed to be a simple service stop turned into something a little more involved and delayed.  But I digress.  

After completing the whole of the Cabot Trail if was off to Prince Edward Island where we rode on some red dirt out to a light house.

Quite frankly there's not much else to do other than that and ride the "World's Longest Bridge Over Ice Covered Water" - and we did that too.

As mentioned we headed down along the Bay Of Fundy to check out the tidal features making sure that we adhere to all the rules before venturing down to the shore.

The tides up at the top of the bay average close to 40ft and have created some impressive erosional features.

There were some great roads and vistas to behold and yes Mother Nature has had her paint brush out.

We crossed into the USA after lunch - only 3500 more miles to go.

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