Tuesday, October 7, 2014


We've had good twisty roads and some fall colour

Baseball has been limited to the sea side Cape Breton diamond in an earlier post and the odd playoff game in a sports bar, and we did manage a short run of Frank Lloyd Wright. 

We saw the Darwin Martin House in an unrestored state on Odyssey 1.  $46 million later, the pergola and coach house, which were torn down years ago, have been rebuilt and the house itself restored to its 1907 condition. 

Then to a Grand Rapids to see the meticulous Steelcase restoration of the Meyer May House - restoration costs, not disclosed. 

Ian: "they are all beginning to look the same."

Finally, I got inside Wingspread, HJ Johnson's home in Racine. A gracious, sprawling house, 

with a wonderful central space, and impractical but whimsical details, including a crows nest 


 and a fireplace designed (but apparently, not thought through) to burn 8 foot logs vertically.

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