Monday, April 27, 2015

Eastbound and Down

The ride down form Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina to Petrovac Montenegro was the best riding day of the trip so far.  Through the canyons and mountains of South West Bosnia and Herzegovina.

 Another uneventful border crossing, this time into Montenegro.  The roads in Montenegro are either really, really really bad or really, really, really good.  Fortunately I soon found the good roads shortly after crossing the border.

Eventually got back out to the Adriatic coast one more time at the Bay Of Kotor and lunch behind the walls of Kotor.

Then up the hill to National Park Lovcen.  I have video of the 20-minute ride up the 25 switch backs but need better Internet to upload the file.  The ride through the park itself was magical.

Then back out to the coast and down to Petrovac for the night.  From what I can see and have been told Petrovac still retains most of its unpretentious charm from an older time having not been inundated with the crass foreign investment so very obvious along most of the Montenegran coast line.  Unfortunately this may be changing as the hotel I am staying at is undergoing a massive development project with a couple of large towers being built where the parking lot and tennis courts used to be.  Oh well, it is very nice right now though.

Neither border crossing into Albania or Macedonia the next day were anywhere near the hassle I had heard rumored they could be.  An "interesting" ride across Albania if in “interesting” you mean
'so this is what anarchy looks like, cool'.  For starters everyone is insane.  The drivers on the road are insane.  The cops trying to stop the insane drivers on the road are insane.  The ferrel cats and dogs chasing the insane cops trying to stop the insane drivers are insane.  And overlooking all this insanity are the insane buildings; designed and built on a whim and painted with every color that can be possibly conceived - especially the really gaudy orange, pink, red and blue colors.  I kind of like the place and want to go back.

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