Saturday, May 2, 2015

Marco... Polo... Round 2

So the first round wasn't the complete rousing success I was hoping for but maybe this round you all will try a little harder to participate.  All correct answers will get a postcard from Istanbul as long as I receive the email before Tuesday morning.  Make sure you include your snail mail address if you don't think I already have it (

But first a musical interlude.

OK, the answer to the first round Marco.. Polo... challenge was the name of the ferry in background and the winner is... my Mom.  She is just that darn fast with this Internet stuff, and of course now disqualifies her from winning any other challenges on this trip.   Sorry Mom.

This round's winner gets to request a picture (with or without yours truly in frame) of a thing, historical artifact or whatever that is on my upcoming route.

And the question is - where was Marco Polo born?  And yes, this is a trick question.

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