Friday, May 8, 2015

The Things We Carry

As I pointed out before I am carrying a fair amount of stuff.  Some of that stuff is big and bulky some of it small dense and heavy.  And some has no weight at all.

I have a North West First Nations frog symbol sticker on my helmet.  Why do I have a frog on my helmet?  The only answer I can give is to ask you the question, "Have you ever seen a frog fall down?".

I have a tiny piece of copper given to me by a friend.   To keep me grounded was her reason, something passed to her before.

I now have a bundle of evil eye beads gifted from our great Turkish guide Kaz.  The legend of the evil eye is to deflect any negative energy directed towards a person back onto itself.  When you start looking the symbol can be seen everywhere in Turkey.

And I am carrying a bag full of clay medallions handmade by Brian, who was supposed to be on this trip with me but unfortunately had to cancel at the last minute.  Brian had made these tokens in preparation for the trip to give out to people he met as he travelled the Silk Road.  

He has now trusted me with the task, the only requirement being that I document each dispersement with a selfie.  I was never sure what the biggest challenge would be that I would face on this trip; now I know it will be being nice to small children and having my picture taken willingly.

But I am changing the rules a bit on him - what's he going to do, I'm half a world away.  One of the medallions now has his name on it and will accompany me the rest of the trip and will be returned to him upon my return.  Helping with this will be the other riders on the GlobeRiders Silk Road Adventure Tour  who have offered to ride with Brian as well.  Admittedly they are being bribed as this then entitles them to gift one of the medallions themselves to someone they meet on the road.  The same selfie stipulation still exists as does a request that they share their ride together with Brian via an email to him.

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