Sunday, September 21, 2014

From the French West Coast to the Viking Trail

From Port aux Basques to Cap St George, Gros Morne, Port au Choix, and others, many Newfoundland west coast names reflect its long relationship with the French fishing fleet. Our first two days here took us to several of these places.

From Port aux Basques

To Gros Morne, where we stayed the first night,

To Port au Choix, which we saw again in a different light. 

We ended our second day and started our third in St Anthony. 

A one week cod fishery for small boats opened that morning.

 A visit to l'Anse aux Meadows - even the Norse sites have names originating in French. 

Another memorable meal, this time at The Norseman in the village of l'Anse aux Meadows. With a population of 28, the villagers aren't the only clientele. 

Meanwhile the weather turned 

and we fought with high winds, back to Port au Choix for the night.

So we took a careful look at our plans for crossing Newfoundland in light of the anticipated weather. The red areas below are for rain and wind warnings.

As a result we came back to Port aux Basques, where we are now hunkered down.  And our ferry to North Sydeny in the morning has been cancelled for reasons that are apparent from the marine warnings below. Stay tuned.

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