Friday, September 26, 2014

In Curvy Road Mode We Trust.

One of the "reasons" for this trip is a test run for next year's adventure along the Silk Road.  I have a new bike and wanted to make sure that all the modifications were warranted - they were.  We needed to find a set of tires that would last the length of an 8000 mile trip - they have, so far.  One of us apparently needed to find out just how far he could go on a a single tank of gas - he almost did.  And there are new electronics to get familiar with such as the fancy GPS units we both have.  Among the various settings - and there are many - is the Curvy Road calculation mode which is specifically tailored to a motorcyclist.  The great thing is, is that you don't have to for yourself find the green dots on the map any more as this setting instinctively leads you down the best roads as we found out in Nova Scotia.

And will lead you to great places for lunch like Carver's Coffee Bar and Pub on the waterfront in Pictou.

You may also find yourself at the only single malt whiskey distillery in North America.

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