Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Two Moose-itudes

I believe one can tell a lot from a place by its road signs.  Take for example the sign mooses from Ontario and Quebec.  The Ontario sign moose (on the right) is blindly charging with nary a care for itself or anything else.  Where as the Quebec sign moose presents itself with certain airs; more like a highly aware self confident being that you wouldn't be surprised to find in a Bill Cunningham  NY Times piece.  The same can be seen driving through northern Ontario into Quebec.  Being able to take a close look at the various towns we travel through with this trip one can definitely see an obvious pride of place in even the smallest Quebecois hamlet where as most everything in Ontario seems run down and just plain dumpy.

There is a whole lot of nothing between Val d'Or and Lac St. Jean and Sunday the road up tp and passed Chibougamau took us all the way around all that nothing.  It is so far out of the the way there is no cell service so the government has conveniently placed these pay phones at locations all along the road.  I will only assume that exact change is not required.

Monday was a great day with the temperature eventually warming up to almost 60.  An enjoyable run down the Saguenay Valley to the Tadousac ferry then across the St. Lawrence at St. Simeon to Riviere-du-Loup.

The ride along the South Shore heading East wasn't all that bad either.

And yes, for those playing along at home we are no longer heading towards the western terminus of the Trans Labrador Highway.  With a forecast of snow for the Labrador City area at about the same time we were that part of the trip has been deferred for now as we opted for the south bound ferry.

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