Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Third Moose-keteer?

Another province, another sign moose.  This time New Brunswick; interestingly enough a female of the moose species is represented.

All I can assume is that the place must historically be a matriarchal society but it was difficult to get a good sense of anything as we charged down the highway in order to get to the ferry on time.  Apparently the locals are used to just being in between places people want to go to but would prefer us to take our time.

Tuesday started out with a fantastic stretch of I-wasn't-expecting-this-at-all as we drove all the way around La Gaspésie,  

The weather continually improved through the day all the way to seasonal by the time we got to Percé.

Unbelievably someone has put up a house right in front of the halte municipale which is about the only place freeloaders like us can see the whole hole.

We eventually made it down to North Sydney and checked into the ferry line up.

Once on board the bikes needed to be tucked in for the night crossing.

Morning found us looking out over another world.

To be continued...

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