Thursday, September 25, 2014

One Moose To Rule Them All.

Ahhh the Newfoundland sign moose.

Big, mean and nasty.  So vile, that the general population is shaking in their Wellington boots to the point of a lawsuit being filed against the moose.  So I says to myself, "Self, doesn't this blow you whole theory all to bits?".  Well not really as the now approximately 150000 moose are not native to Newfoundland.  They are an invasive species with out a natural predator (except for large SUVs and Mack trucks),  and are all descendants of a mere four moose that were introduced from New Brunswick in 1904.  A kangaroo crossing sign placed outside of Cornerbrook would have as much bearing on the Newfoundland people as the sign moose as they are the polar opposite of the beast shown on the sign.

There wasn't much to to do in Channel Port Aux Basques during the 30-hour delay from when our ferry was supposed to depart to when we actually got on board and got under way.  In the mean time a short walk between cloud bursts to see what else was being sheltered from the storm in this little harbour.

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