Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Everyone needs a routine, including people riding motorcycles.  Myself for example am continuously counting, and counting everything.  I count how many seconds I am behind the vehicle ahead of me.  I count how far I am ahead of the vehicle behind.  I count down the amount of time left in 1/4-hour increments from arriving at the next destination.  I count how many miles and how many gallons used since the last fill up and compute the mileage then compare it to the on board computer data.  I count many axles each truck that I pass has.  I count how many cows there are in a field, how many are standing, how many are sitting.  I add up my phone number and make sure it equals the same thing every time (39).  Routines are good, especially when riding a motorcycle across the prairies because there is absolutely nothing else to do.

We did eventually manage to dry out in Medecine Hat.

As the weather seemed to indicate that things would be dryer and warmer to the east as the day went on we took our time getting on the road with an easily achievable destination of Regina only 5 hours away.  A lunch stop in Swift Current turned into a 50-year  time warp as we drove down main street.  We ended up at Schimmel's Dutch Bakery where we heard all about the ups and downs of living in small town Saskatchewan.  

And in case anyone hasn't heard...

Brian has orange wheels

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